Our Service Values

1. Family Directed Services: We are a non-profit Family Cooperative, therefore our   only responsibility is to those we serve. This includes financial integrity, so our fees go straight to services, not a larger hierarchy.

2. Inclusion: We appreciate that even those who “draw outside of the lines” deserve healthy and affirming days. We work to include everyone.

3. Fun: Really, what is the point if there isn’t a lot of fun going on? We provide a varied day program and special events, including long-distance and community based outings.

4. Same Faces / Same Places: Many people do better with consistancy and a set routine. This is expecially true of persons with dementia. Having a consistent routine filled with smiling faces can help everyone’s day.

5. This is My Brother/Sister: Our diverse team has a responsibility to act as extended families. “This is my brother/my sister” is our service ethic and the point of our training. Our team has been fully vetted. We provide a range of skilled services as allowed by law. (Note: DayBridge is NOT an Adult Day Health Services and not an alternative to skilled or 24/7 care.)

6. Safety First: We are committed to keeping your Loved One safe while they are with us, and if we feel we cannot we will tell you. We are secure, keep an eye on hydration, and watch for unusual behavior.


DayBridge on the Hill: 509-242-3220

Special Services beyond Recreational Day Services:    Brett Faison   509-413-3042   brett@daybridgeservices.org