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Recreational Day Services are open to anyone and offer lots of daily activity. Some people need extra services, and DayBridge is here to  offer as much help as possible to provide a nurturing and  fulfilling day program for ANYONE.

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People live longer, and often longer with a disability as they age.  Medical services have been a great boon to us as patients, but the social impact of these innovation can also make it difficult for families to meet the social and activity needs of their Loved Ones.  Without healthy social outlets, the strain on family can feel oppressive and health suffers for everyone involved.

There’s also a lot of just plain lonely out there.

Doug Overlock

Executive Director


Dad loved it and we were able to walk out, run some errands and return 4 hours later. Dawn Weber

We are so grateful to know that when we bring Lori to you she is safe and happy! The care and kindness you share is greatly appreciated. Linda Thompson and family

It is nice for me to have the day care look after my mother and not to have to worry about her care while I am able to shop for groceries and necessities for her. It is a really good break for me and my husband. Anonymous